The Three Mrs. Monroes Book Review

I was contacted and asked if I would read and review the three books that make up The Three Mrs. Monroes by Bernadette Marie. I looked it up and the military aspect is what sold me.

Basically, The Three Mrs. Monroes tells the story of the three wives of an Army soldier. Each wife has her own book. My first thought was how is that going to work? The military won’t let you have three wives! That is what sold me. I was dying of curiosity.

The Three Mrs. Monroes

The first book is from Amelia’s point of view. She is wife number 2. The book starts out with her at the funeral of Adam, her recently deceased husband. He died while deployed overseas. She found out about wife number 1 after Adam’s death, from his lawyer. That’s when they discover wife number 3. Wife 1, Vivian, is bitter and automatically hates Amelia and wife 3, Penelope. She has every right to be bitter. Amelia feels sorry for Penelope, knowing it’s Adam she should be mad at, not these women. He lied to and deceived all of them. They meet with the lawyer, Sam, to find out who gets what. That’s when they find out who was legally married to him and who wasn’t. That didn’t go how one would think. Amelia keeps her head and goes above and beyond what’s is needed for the other two. In the process, her and Sam kinda shack up and get a thing going on. While they are all hurt and grieving over Adam’s death, they also realize he is not the man they thought he was. With this, they start to form a friendship with each other, which as unrealistic as it may sound, wasn’t too far fetched in the book.

The second book is from Penelope’s point of view and pretty much continues where the first left off. Vivian’s book is the third. The stories could almost be read individually. They do a short recap at the beginning of the second and third book to get you up to speed. A short recap, not this whole chapter stuff. We are not reading The Baby-Sitter’s Club and getting aggravated that we’re reading book #76 and have totally got all the backstory down already. Anyways, each woman has her own romance. These are unrealistic in how and how fast they happen, but it’s a book and I’m a sucker for a love story. I can get past that. As the books go on, they discover more about Adam that helps explain why he did what he did. They also discover a truly great friendship and consider themselves to almost be sisters.

Now, the military part. I wondered how this would work. One wife, the legal one, ended up getting the life insurance and government benefits. I always wondered about the Tricare thing myself. Who got the health insurance?!?!? The military part of it was actually talked about so little, that it worked for me. If the author would have gone into more detail, it just wouldn’t have made sense. There were a few things I noticed, but most people wouldn’t think anything of them. I’m a stickler for accurate details though. It drives me crazy when they are wrong. Dude showed up in fatigues once and he said he had just gotten out of the Army. No one wears fatigues anymore and pretty sure you aren’t wearing them while driving across country after you’ve EASed, but that’s no big thang in my mind. Only one wife lived close to a post (I’m assuming anyways considering she met him on post). The other two were so far removed they probably had no idea. Wife #1 did live with him in Germany for a short time, but that brings up a whole new set of questions for me, but if I bring up, will give stuff away! The books were also written in that it could take place now or 15 years ago, way before we used the internet for everything. 

Overall, I liked them. I read a lot of romances though too. They were quick reads. I read each book in an evening. 

I received the books in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

What She Wore Wednesday

She’s got a good amount of tomboy in her. Pretty sure my girl won’t be riding bitch. She’ll be leading the pack.

Shirt, Boots – Target / Jeans – Old Navy / Hair Bow


Easy Halloween Treats for Dogs

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Halloween is right around the corner! This time of year is so fun, with the cooler weather and holiday season approaching. Halloween kind of kicks off the holidays, even though most people don’t think of it that way.  It’s always a fun time at our house though. The kids and adults get involved, but what about the dogs?  Do you get your dog involved in the fun? Maybe buy him or her a cute dog costume, take them along trick or treating? We have a new puppy this year and decided to include her in the fun. Why not dress her up and take her along for the fun? #TrickorTreamEm

In thinking about this, I started thinking maybe it would be a fun idea to hand out pet treats for the dog trick or treaters. We all know how bad chocolate is for dogs, so why not make sure they have a treat they can safely eat? I stopped by Ralph’s to see what I could find. They have a huge selection of dog treats! I ended up buying Pup-peroni, Milo’s Kitchen, and Canine Carry Outs, all Big Heart brand. Dogs need a good variety of treats on Halloween too!

Once I got home, I just put one or two of each treat into a Halloween goodie bag. These will be easy to hand out on Halloween and won’t easily get mixed up with the regular candy in kid’s bags. I’m so excited to see all the doggy costumes! After much deliberation amongst the kids, we decided our puppy would be a shark this year. She isn’t completely comfortable in her costume yet, so we are letting her wear it around the house to get used to it. Isn’t she adorable though? 

Ralph’s and other Kroger stores also have a fun website up right now for Halloween. Once you are on the site, take a quick quiz to find your dog’s Halloween personality, create a custom digital Halloween pet photo frame, and then download coupons to save on your favorite pet treats! I took the quiz and our dog is apparently quite the trickster! Funny enough, it’s true! #CollectiveBias

My Fave Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram. We all love Instagram, right? It’s my favorite time waster (on my phone, of course) when I’m laying in bed at night. I start looking through what is recommended to me based on who I follow and it’s just a huge rabbit hole I get sucked down. 

Well, we all have the people we follow who are friends or family, those bloggers you “know”, or shops who do fun giveaways. Some people like to follow celebrities, but that’s not really by thing. Except Tori Spelling. I follow her for some reason I don’t recall. 

These are my favorite time wasting Instagram accounts.
Logreglan means police in the language of the Icelandic. Icelanders. Whatever. Their police force looks way more fun than ours, they’re cute, and puppies are frequent.

This really needs no explanation. Not all of these guys are what I would call DILF’s, but most are attractive. I just really hope all of these are self submitted pics. Some of them are a bit to close up and creepy otherwise.

Pretty pictures of abandoned stuff. Only wish they would credit the photographer. They also sometimes don’t mention where the place actually is, which makes me wonder if they know.

The fun images just complete the text messages.

Always funny, but freaking hilarious when I keep scrolling and the next picture is what they just described.

So what are your favorites?

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