Guy Gifts – Portable Wireless Speakers and a Giveaway

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My husband isn’t the easiest guy to buy for. I never know what to get him for birthday’s or Christmas. He claims he’s easy to buy for, but I beg to differ. I can think of things to buy him, but they are things that cost thousands of dollars. As much as I would love to buy him an $1,800 scope for his rifle or a new Harley, it’s not happening. He’s a man though, so he likes anything that is slightly techie or comes from the electronics section. He’s also a big music lover. We go to concerts as often as we can. Never big artists though, we tend to see bands in little hole in the wall bars. He likes just about all kinds of music, but he tends to listen to Red Dirt and Indie country bands the most. Perfect gift? A wireless speaker. He can take it anywhere, tailgating at football games, work, or just wherever he is around the house. His iPod usually ends up as the DJ when we hang out with friends, so it’s not like he wouldn’t use a wireless speaker. He’ll always have his music with him. #GiftingAudio has a good variety of such speakers. The JBL Flip 2 speaker is portable, wireless, small, has a rechargable battery, and can stand horizontally or vertically, hence the name Flip. It also comes in 5 fun colors, but I think I would love a teal speaker more than he would. They are also offering free shipping and free returns through the holidays. I hate paying shipping if I can get out of it, so I’m liking that. I don’t have time to shop without him knowing what I’m doing, so it’s just easier to order it all online. This sounds like a winner to me!

I think I’ll put a new playlist on his iPod too. He isn’t in to Christmas music, so I’m thinking I make a playlist of songs we both love, which include a few that remind me of us. The first few lines of Stoney Larue’s ‘Feet Don’t Touch The Ground’, is pretty much us when we met. When he was in Afghanistan last time, he told me to listen to Reckless Kelly’s ‘I Still Do’ at the end of a phone call. I did and it completely made sense. He may not tell me how much he loves me, but he still does. 

Perfect guy gift, right? Now you’ve got the chance to win one of 30 speakers! Good luck! #GiftingAudio Sweepstakes

Trees For Troops and a Giveaway

If you’re affiliated with the military, you’ve most likely heard of Trees for Troops. It is a program that provides Christmas trees, free of charge, to military families around the world. This year, over 17,000 trees will be delivered to bases across the U.S., as well as some in the Middle East and South Pacific. That’s a crazy amount of Christmas trees!

Do you know how and where these trees come from though? The trees are literally brought to you by FedEx. They provide all the transportation to get the trees to the military bases. The Christmas Spirit Foundation makes the rest happen. They collect donations and sponsors throughout the year. During the holidays, they operate Buy One Give One events at tree lots across the country, so people can purchase a tree to be given to a military family. This year is the 10th year of the program. Since it’s start in 2005, FedEx has delivered over 139,000 trees to military families. Check the delivery schedule to see when they’ll be coming near you. 

I am in awe of organizations who do things like this. Live Christmas trees aren’t cheap, but for some people, it’s not Christmas without a real tree. I know overseas, the trees sold like hotcakes. Not even the free trees, but the ones being sold! Once it’s announced they will be sold, people line up early to get theirs. There isn’t any other place to buy live trees (at least there wasn’t in Okinawa), so if you didn’t get one, you had to use a fake tree. 

Through the end of today, November 24, you can tweet your thanks and holiday messages to Trees for Troops using the hashtag #TreesforTroops and FedEx will print it out and place it on one of the trees going to a military family. 

FedEx wants to throw out another gift for you all. They are offering one of you a holiday gift basket, valued at over $100, filled with popular holiday gifts. The exact contents are a suprise, but hey! It’s Christmas! Surprises are fun! Get those tweets sent today and enter to win the gift basket!
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Disclosure: FedEx is providing the giftbasket for the giveaway and I was given one as well in return for this post. I would have posted it for nothing though, I love organizations who do great things for the military. 

My 1994 Christmas Wish List

It’s 1994, I’m 13 years old and in 8th grade. What do I want for Christmas you ask?

My 1994 Christmas List

1. An Adidas coat, but it has to be this exact one! It can be a different color, but not something dorky that I wouldn’t like. Everyone has one of these and I’ve been asking for one since 7th grade.

2. CK One is soooo cool! It’s for boys and girls. That makes it even cooler cause I can share it with my nonexistant boyfriend who lives in my head.

3. You should probably renew my subscriptions to YM and Seventeen. How else am I going to know how to kiss the boyfriend I don’t have yet?

4. I don’t have a CD player. I need one. No one listens to tapes anymore. This one even has a 3 disc changer! How cool is that!?!?!

5. I know you haven’t heard of them, but I want these CD’s from these new bands. And don’t worry, it’s nothing bad or anything I shouldn’t be listening to. You wouldn’t get it anyways.

6. OMG! The mall just got this new store called Bath and Body Works! I need some lotion from there! Then I need like 6 more things of lotion to give to my friends.

7. Ummmm, everyone has these K-Swiss shoes. I need them too. I can’t be a dork and wear those other icky tennis shoes.

***All this is totally true. I had all this stuff during 8th grade. This involved multiple text messages and a long trip down memory lane to accomplish, but we had a blast reminiscing. Now let me go feel bad cause this was 20 freaking years ago. 

The Sexiest Man Alive

And no, it’s not my husband. It’s my other main squeeze (don’t tell his wife!)

Have you seen that episode of Friends where Ross has his list of women he could cheat on his wife/girlfriend with and not get in trouble? Isabella Rosselini is on the list and they all make him change it. He takes her off, then laminates the list to make it official. He just so happens to run into her at the Central Perk and tells her she’s on his ‘list’. She accuses him of lying when she sees the laminated list without her name. 

I’m pretty sure Chris Hemsworth is the only person on my ‘list’. My husband’s list is longer. Yes, we’ve had this discussion. Seriously, look at this man. I’m not one to have big crushes on celebrities, so this is kinda a big deal that I’ve had a thing for him for a while. Yet, I’ve never seen Thor. Or any other movie he’s been in. I take that back, I saw the Red Dawn remake. Have you seen pictures of him and his kids? Cute kids and a big guy with arms, I have a thing for arms, any girl would swoon.

I read an article on Monday about how they were sure it would be Chris Pratt. I’m sure some were mad it wasn’t Tom Hiddleston. I don’t see the attraction there, unless you mix him with Chris Hemsworth and this gorgeousness is born. I never knew what I thought Christian Gray looked like until I saw this picture.

Who would you have picked?

What She Wore Wednesday

Yes, I bought her the Toms shoes at Target the first day they were on sale. They’re really cute! I wish they came in my size. I’d totally wear them.




Sweater, Shoes – Target / Jeans – Old Navy / Headband – A Little Delight